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IIG Trade Finance Insights Archive/Past Editions

Five Factors that will Impact Trade Finance Pricing in 2018
IIG Trade Finance Insights, January 2018

Predictions are hard to make in this uncertain world, but this January, we are dusting off our crystal ball (and industry knowledge) to look at the elements that are most likely to affect trade finance pricing in 2018. Growing political and trade tensions between the US and other nations, a Brexit deadline and technological and regulatory changes will all influence the way trade finance providers price their services. Let’s break it down.

Political Risk

Global political risk levels will remain extremely high in 2018, with research firm BMI (part of the Fitch Group) naming general elections in Italy and Latin America, terrorism, the North Korea missile crisis and the Trump administration’s “seemingly erratic policy backdrop” as major risks.

BMI estimates the risk of war between the US and North Korea at 30%, and explains that...

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