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IIG Trade Finance Insights Archive/Past Editions

Is 2018 the Pivotal Year for SME Trade Finance?
IIG Trade Finance Insights, March 2018

Technological advances and an increasingly competitive landscape could mean big change for SME trade finance this year.

Year after year, reports shed light on the gap between the financing that SMEs need for their international growth, and the funds made available to them by the financial sector. Every year analysts urge financiers to seize the SME opportunity, yet the financing gap remains the same the following year.

In its 2017 Trade finance and SMEs report, the World Trade Organization (WTO) found that globally, over half of trade finance requests by SMEs are rejected, against just 7% for multinational companies. And even though they account for 20% of exports in the US and 40% in the EU, up to a third of SMEs in these regions face challenges...

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